Sarah MacKenzie Photography | Something Beautiful



Imagine having a photoshoot where the light is always right.


Imagine feeling that anything you do in front of the camera is going to look fabulous.


Imagine being able to put the trust of a near stranger to capture a side of you that you have never seen before.


Imagine enjoying being in front of the camera.


Imagine walking away with the most beautiful portraits of yourself that you have ever seen.


Sarah from Sarah Mackenzie Photography has the innate ability to do all of this and more in order to capture the most incredible portraits that you have ever seen of yourself.


Having a photoshoot can be incredibly intimidating and downright stressful. Sarah specialises in assisting women to relax in front of the camera, to find their inner siren. Her signature package “Something Beautiful” is an experience that every woman should have. Combined with professional hair styling and makeup artistry you will enjoy an experience that will be life changing.


Celebrate you the most important relationships in your life.
Enjoy the experience on your own or share it with your loved ones.




This is what Brooke said after her Something Beautiful experience with her 16 year old daughter:


"After seeing a friends beautiful photos Sarah took, I was inspired to do the same for myself and my daughter. The experience was wonderful! Sarah made us feel comfortable and so did the hair and makeup ladies.
It was a great feeling as we left to have learnt and experienced as mother and daughter.


For my daughter- it was a great self esteem booster and factual experience that anyone can look fantastic."